Are you looking for a way to…

  • Deepen the positive impact you can make through your heart's work?

  • Stay relevant in an industry you love?

  • Both serve and grow your community?

  • Increase your income without having to turn to a side hustle you don't enjoy?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above questions, this program and experience was created just FOR YOU!

The Wellness Advisor Program is a continuing education course AND certification! It's all about helping you widen your lane, learn new skills and connect with other powerful leaders so you can experience success and fulfillment while being the true Difference Maker you came here to be! 

Here are the 8 powerful modules you'll receive:

  • Module 1: The Role & Gifts of the Wellness Advisor: You’ll start by learning what a Wellness Advisor is…and what a Wellness Advisor is not. And you’ll discover why Wellness Advisors are needed now more than ever!

  • Module 2: The Philosophy of Complete Well-Being, Part 1: In this module, you’ll learn about the importance of physical, emotional and intellectual well-being as well as how these elements contribute to our overall wellness. You’ll also receive part 1 of the W.O.W. Discovery Form as a tool to use for yourself and with your clients.

  • Module 3: The Philosophy of Complete Well-Being, Part 2: In module, you’ll learn about the importance of spiritual, environmental, and social well-being as well as how these elements contribute to our overall wellness. Plus, receive the complete W.O.W. Discovery Form as a PDF download.

  • Module 4: The Pathways for the Wellness Advisor: It’s time to discover all the opportunities you have to make a difference for others as a Wellness Advisor once you have learned and lived this information and philosophy.

  • Module 5: How to Deliver Your Heart-Centered Service: This module is all about offering some structure for you so you can focus on being the uplifter you came here to be. You’ll receive additional forms, resources, and 4 great practices you can implement for yourself and teach to others.

  • Module 6: The Business of Being a Wellness Advisor, Part 1: This first business-focused module focuses on helping you create your personal wellness brand, your audience, your core promise, and your messaging.

  • Module 7: The Business of Being a Wellness Advisor, Part 2: To ensure you get a well-rounded offering around the business side of this amazing work, this entire module continues to support you by helping you determine the vehicle(s) and platforms you’ll use to deliver your core promise as well as understand how to create your promotional plan and successfully deliver on that core promise.

  • Module 8: Mindset Mastery: It has been said that 20% of your success as a leader is determined by strategy and 80% is determined by your mindset. This is so true and that’s why you get this final, powerful module focused on how to have a growth mindset and how to take on the critics who will undoubtedly bubble up in your mind while you’re on this journey.

Plus, there's a HUGE bonus -  you're going to earn continuing education credit for learning all of this amazing info!

You will NOT be alone as you navigate the program because you're getting access to our private Wellness Warriors Facebook Community. This is where you can go to ask questions, share aha moments and seek support along the way!



  • A powerful, experiential¬†8-module¬†course delivered on-demand¬†so you can move through at your own pace. (scroll down to see what's covered)

  • 0.8 ACE CECs, 8.0 AFAA CEUs, and 0.8 NASM CEUs¬†for going through the course.

  • Membership¬†to the¬†Wellness Warriors Facebook community¬†to use as your¬†study group¬†where you can ask questions and share your aha moments as you¬†make your way through¬†the course.

  • The ability to¬†to¬†revisit the course¬†modules¬†anytime you‚Äôd like.

  • A¬†certificate¬†that states¬†you are a Certified Wellness Advisor, once you complete the assessment process. Woohoo!

You're getting all of this for a single payment of $219!

You being happy with this program is important!

If you don’t feel it has benefited you, simply send an email to

[email protected] that says, “this wasn’t for me”.

Just show you did the work and you’ll receive a full refund.


Here's What Our Alumni Have To Say:

“This program is personally and professionally super uplifting and motivating. There are so many great materials and ideas for expanding what you do as a health and wellness professional. I highly recommend joining this course- you'll love it!”

~Aura G.

“I felt validated and enriched with new ideas. The course gives you many tools and an approach to allow for a wide range of clients. I felt so much support. The personal interaction was unlike any other course that I have taken. It is a life changer!”

~Mimi L

“Even if you’re not sure you’re interested in advising, you will benefit from this course. You’ll learn about yourself. This will give you confidence going forward in life. If you need direction in this field, this is without a doubt the place to find it!”

~Sherra C.

“This is a wonderful easy to follow program to help jump start you into to field of coaching. Lots of resources to use with clients to help narrow down the direction they need to go in as sometimes there is uncertainty.”

~Vanessa W

“I would really suggest that you take this Wellness Advisor course. It was so incredibly helpful! I gained a lot of knowledge that I wish I had years ago. It teaches you self-confidence, how to build your personal brand, and much, much more. Kimberly and Donna are a superb team. Just go ahead and sign up! Trust me, you will love it!”

~Salpi S.


Answers To Some Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a Wellness Advisor? 

A Wellness Advisor is a mentor, a guide, a leader who offers support, accountability, perspective and direction based on his/her experience and expertise within the scope of holistic well-being. A Wellness Advisor is a trusted partner who collaborates with their clients to help them make changes in their life in the realm of holistic well-being. He/she can see untapped potential and capacity in someone who can’t necessarily see it in themselves because, as a Wellness Advisor, they're not attached to their client's story and limiting beliefs.

How is the Wellness Advisor Program Different?

There are 3 key ways this program is quite different from other coaching programs and certifications out there:

  1. It focuses on a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness.

  2. It is delivered using the powerful Learn, Live, Lead philosophy.

  3. It provides both professional & personal development so you can make positive changes for yourself while you're learning to lead others!


How do I access the content within the community?

There are 2 easy-to-use platforms that help us make the magic come to life:

  1. Facebook ‚Äď Consider the¬†Wellness Warriors' FB community your "study group"! Ask questions and share aha moments along the way. This is also where you'll go to request an assessment buddy when you're ready!

  2. Kajabi ‚Äď the video learning modules of the course itself are available here in your ‚Äėmember‚Äôs area‚Äô.

What if I can't make it to the live meetings?

All meetings will be recorded so you can catch up on your own time. If you have any questions or need support along the way, just head over to our Wellness Warriors private FB community.

What if I'm afraid?

The fear of the unknown. The fear of failure. Wondering if you‚Äôre good enough. Thinking ‚Äúwho am I to step into this space?‚ÄĚ You can drive yourself crazy worrying about all the things that COULD go wrong. But imagine the possibilities if you were to focus on all the things that could go RIGHT!! The people you could help. The difference you could make. This program is designed to help you realize your potential and set you on a course for success and fulfillment beyond what you knew was possible!

Still have questions?

Just send an email to [email protected]. Someone will respond as quickly as possible!

Kimberly Spreen-Glick

For over 25 years in the health and fitness industry, Kimberly has been blessed with many opportunities as a teacher, trainer, coach, program developer and director to work with countless great programs, companies and people. She has presented workshops on fitness, yoga, leadership and personal development at conferences all over the world and served as the national director of group fitness for over 10 of the 20+ years she's been with Life Time, the Healthy Way of Life Company.

Kimberly is the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year, an ERYT and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance, co-creator of the 5 Star Instructor Development program and EMPOWER! Events as well as star of several highly acclaimed exercise videos.

After years of diving deeper into the study of personal development and positive psychology, Kimberly stepped away from the corporate world to begin The Inspired Life, LLC. and focus on her passion for helping other leaders live their happiest, most inspired lives while being the Difference Makers they came here to be.

Donna Thomas

Donna has over 25 years of experience as a leader, presenter, trainer and coach in the health and fitness industry. She served in a variety of leadership roles with Life Time, the Healthy Way of Life Company, for over 18 years.

Although the fitness industry has been her career home base, it is Donna’s thirst for knowledge that eventually led her to complete her MS in Psychology. This advanced study brought together newfound understanding as it relates to motivation and behavior change through science and positive psychology.

Donna's desire to uplift and inspire those she meets to live life to the fullest, is the essence behind who Donna Thomas truly is. 

Whether through one on one interactions, or through a public speaking event, her light shines brightly and is undeniably here to serve the greater good.


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