3 Opportunities You Have During This Time of Quarantine

Mar 29, 2020

Hello Beautiful Soul,

There is so much to reflect on right now…

This coronavirus challenge is certainly forcing us to both slow down in our busy lives as well as wake up to the conveniences and even people we have perhaps taken for granted without even realizing it.

I’ve also realized there are opportunities we have right now that we just didn’t even have time to notice just a few weeks ago.

In this video, I share 3 opportunities you have within this otherwise challenging season we’re experiencing together.

Important Note: As you begin each day, perhaps being even slightly tempted to allow fear, doubt, gossip, anger, or panic to exist on the forefront of your mind, I’d like to remind you there are gifts and opportunities in this mess to be grateful for; but also...

Let's not forget those currently living through a circumstance who perhaps don't have the privilege of feeling gratitude in this moment…

Many have died, many are grieving, many are on ventilators, many are waiting for help, many have lost jobs or closed businesses...they don’t need our fear, doubt, gossip, anger, or panic - they need our LOVE, compassion and support.

Many health care professionals are living like warriors and heroes on the front lines...exhausted, overworked and at risk for our benefit…they don’t need our fear, doubt, gossip, anger, or panic - they need our LOVE and support, compassion and support.

Within all of this, there is one very real truth no one can deny...


Yes, we are connected, we are one. It's never been more clear and I hope we maintain that clarity as we move to the other side of this.

As we continue to navigate these unchartered waters, I want to encourage and invite you to CHOOSE LOVE all day every day!

And I’m sending much love to you all!

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