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Kimberly has over 25 years of experience focused on fitness and yoga as well as professional and personal development. She has presented at conferences around the world, served as the senior director of group fitness at Life Time for over 10 years and is the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year. Kimberly co-created 5 Star Development Training and EMPOWER!, is an ERYT and YACEP with the Yoga Alliance and star of several highly acclaimed exercise videos, as well as the founder of the Make A Difference Academy & The Inspired Life.

She's worked for some of the biggest wellness brands in the world and has indeed accomplished a lot...but if you knew Kimberly early on, you would have thought she'd be the least likely person to even enter the world of health and fitness. Here is her story in her words...

From being bullied for being overweight as a child to a 15+ year battle with anorexia and bulimia that almost killed me(more than once), I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not worthy, not enough.

But, after being introduced(intervention style) to physical fitness at age 18, then yoga at age 22 combined with discovering leadership and personal development at age 30 and spiritual development at age 33, I knew I was slowly becoming the hero of one of the world’s great comeback stories, already unfolding in a way that was surpassing my wildest dreams.

I’ve been blessed to work with some of the greatest brands, organizations and people in the wellness space, which has allowed me to grow to the point that I can confidently ‘pay it forward' by helping others achieve the kind of wonderful, inspired life I now get to experience...the kind of life everyone deserves to experience.

So, how did I do it? Read my full story here

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You can find a library of Kimberly's “Inspired Thoughts” video messages on Facebook or YouTube. She shares these unscripted messages, speaking from her heart to yours in hopes they will help you live a more inspired life.

You'll see a few examples below.

Tune in share the ones that inspire you!

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