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FREE CEC Webinar

This free training will uncover 3 secrets to thriving as a wildly successful fitness leader without having to start over, work endless hours or lose yourself in the process! These are the things I wish I had learned early on in my career. You’ll also receive 0.2 CECs for ACE, 2.0 CEUs for AFAA and 0.2 CEUs for NASM.


Next Level Leadership Program

The Next Level Leadership Program the first of its kind online course and collaborative community, created especially for passionate fitness professionals like you. It incorporates both professional and personal development designed to assist you in creating success and fulfillment while maximizing your potential and positive impact in the health and fitness industry. The introductory price is just $97 plus you earn 0.8 ACE CECs, 8.0 AFAA CEUs & 0.8 NASM CEUs!


Wellness Advisor Certification

There’s never been anything like this program before in helping fitness professionals make a bigger positive impact! It' offers everything you need - a course, coaching, community, and certification! The Wellness Advisor Program will provide you with the philosophy, the process, and the business of thriving as a successful Wellness Leader. Enroll in this incredible, comprehensive, game-changing program, which offers 0.8 ACE CECS, 8.0 AFAA CEUs & 0.8 NASM CEUs today!


Women Empowered Leadership Mastermind

The Women Empowered Leadership Mastermind is a tribe of women leaders, coaches and business owners who have made the wise choice to lock arms knowing that, in business and in life, we are stronger together than any of us could be on our own. No matter where you are on your path, this mastermind can offer you the support and positive momentum you need for your success and fulfillment. We meet as a community 2x/month for strategy & support sessions - you can choose monthly or yearly enrollment!


"The webinar was very enlightening and informative. It helped to open my eyes to realize it is a PRIVILEGE to teach and a blessing that our bodies are able to do so. Thank you!"

~Hannah S.

" Thank you for your webinar and for continuing to be such an important influencer in the group fitness world!"

~Lisa L.

"I love Make a Difference Academy! I’m so thankful for the webinars you have created to build our classes."

~Chelley B.

"Today was fantastic!! Thank you for being such an INSPIRATION. This is so perfect because I teach 2 classes tomorrow morning. Now I am ready!"

~Jeanne C.

"It was very informative and I did learn a lot after teaching for many years, sometimes you forget why you do what you do, so thank you for that."

~Carlyn A.

“I really enjoyed your webinar. I love and appreciate what you are doing!"


“It was Fabulous! Thank you so much! I’m going to implement things I learned!!!”


“I really enjoyed your webinar. Thank you! You will see me again”


“Thank you so much. It was such a great pleasure listening to you today. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration.”


Free CEC Training for Fitness Professionals


Learn The 3 Steps to Unshakable Self Worth


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