Being Authentic

Aug 18, 2019

 Today I felt inspired about being authentic. Being real.  Being yourself.  Being who you are in this world.  Author/researcher Brene Brown wrote:

 Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have.  It is a practice.  It is a conscious choice.  The choice to show up and be real.  It’s the choice to have the courage let your true self be seen.

I encourage you to do that! I’ve had many lessons on this in my life.  It’s scary. There’s a real fear associated with being who we really are in this world.  The fact of the matter is you will be judged.  It is human nature to judge and to judge ourselves.  They will judge and critique you and not always have the nicest things to say. Never let that stop you from speaking your truth and being who you are and letting your true self be seen.  I think the world needs more people to let their light shine. 

 Marianne Williamson’s book a “A Return to Love” has thing one particular section I love.

As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence liberates others.

 Authenticity is a gift. It is gift we give to ourselves. Being who we really are.  At the end of the day, who are you going to be? You can try to be something other than who you truly are based on fear of failure or fear of letting others down? It is a challenge to be yourself, but it is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  Honoring yourself, loving yourself and being who you really are. Being yourself is also the greatest gift you can give the world!


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