Fear is not the Problem

Nov 18, 2019

Let’s talk about fear. No matter what, chances are, you have dealt with fear and doubt along the way.  Fear and doubt aren’t quite what we think they are and perhaps we give them too much credit.  Doubt stems from the “I’m not enough disease”.  Fear can bubble up as you are about to take action in life.  

Fears bubble up such as: the fear of failure, success, letting others down, letting ourselves down, the fear of the unknown.  I personally was held back for over a year wanting to leave my long time, secure corporate role.  I was held back by fear of not knowing how my call, desire in my heart, to build this online business of inspiring others was going to turn out.  I still don’t know!  It’s not the fear and doubt that’s the problem, it’s the symptom. 

The problem is disconnection, not being fully aligned with who we are.  With not being aligned with our source…call it, your highest self, call it your soul, call it your heart, call it god, call it universal intelligence. But it is only when there is not alignment with our source that we can feel fear or any negative emotion. 

Universal intelligence is always there, showering love, but we pinch it off by bringing our focus to things that make us feel unsure.  So, what do we do?  When you are feeling doubt or uncertainty, take a step back.  Do the opposite and go general.  Have some ready-made, general statements for yourself as in a mantra.  For example:

I believe the universe is good. 

I believe the universe has my back.

I believe that god is on my side always.

I believe that life is not working against me, life is working for me.

I believe that ultimately everything will unfold beautifully.

All is well.

Say them out loud or perhaps write them down to bring you back to a positive place.  Nothing is standing in your way.  The issue is you pinching yourself off from the alignment that you need to feel confident in living the life you came here to live. It is that simple. What you will find by stepping back is that you can get back in a mind and heart space to take your next step forward.  

A sense of hope will return.  Faith will bubble up and you will notice the fear shrinks.  The faith becomes bigger than the fear and you will be able to take the next step forward.  You came here to move toward who you really are and feel fulfilled.  Life is a constant evolution of growing and evolving. We have this one big, beautiful life to live!  My goal is to support you in getting the most out of this life!



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