Find FLOW – Get into the Zone!

Jul 18, 2019

Experts have defined "flow" as being so completely absorbed in what you're doing in the moment that you lose track of space and time. It's also known as being "in the zone" or your “happy place”. It is the ultimate feeling of being fully present.

There are countless ways to get there - walking, running, gardening, sewing, painting, practicing yoga, etc. The list goes on and on because it's based on what resonates with you personally; it’s based on what brings you to the present moment to the point that it feels like time stands still.

The goal is to make sure you find a way to feel flow every single day. The benefits of experiencing a few moments of flow every day are incredible – reduced stress, a sense of ease and wellbeing, reduced blood pressure, and more!

Your list of what brings you to a place of flow is very personal; so, it’s important you don’t try to force flow based on how someone else is able to experience it. I’ll never forget when I tried to take up running as a regular part of my routine because a friend of mine would always talk about her “runner’s high” and well, I wanted some of that! Uh, it didn’t work for me. No “runner’s high”…just “runner’s ugh”. At first, I was really disappointed but then I learned that it just had to be okay – I couldn’t force it. I needed to find what worked for me…and I did.

Some activities that I now know bring me to a flow state include:

  • Hiking
  • Teaching yoga or group fitness
  • Practicing yoga
  • Lecturing or leading workshops
  • Watching the sunset
  • Being with my son

Not sure what exactly brings you to a state of “flow”? Well, close your eyes and think back to a time when you got lost in the moment. A time when you felt, ah this is the best. As mentioned above, it’s your “happy place” yet there can be many. Think of a time when you wished that whatever you were experiencing could go on longer, uninterrupted.

If you’re still not sure, that just means it’s time to start experimenting! Feel free to look around to others for inspiration but be sure to come back to YOU. What works for you is all that’s important.

So today and every day, I wish for you a visit (or many visits) to your place of “flow”…to your “happy place”. I promise you, it will be worth the trip.

Sending you much love,



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