Go Easy on Yourself

Dec 18, 2019

When Thanksgiving comes and goes, a switch gets flipped.  There seems to be this pressure so many of us put on our shoulders on the experience we provide for the holidays.  The greatest gift we can gift to each other is experiences.  With that being said, we put too much pressure on ourselves to create the perfect experiences all the time. This bubbled up for me when I heard some moms talking about how the elf of the shelf is such a headache.  Stressful trying to remember the magic continued and that they remembered to move the elf.  It ended up being this big thing that should be a light, fun and magical experience for children.  I think so many things are like that at the holidays…the tree, decorating the house, the meals, the presents.

All things done from a good place, but I think we start to give them so much importance that it almost becomes competitive thing.  This time of year is meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Yet we are worried about if the stockings and lights are straight and if the tree looks as good as the neighbors.  Just wanted to put the message out to all to go easier on yourselves.

It’s okay to go buy some cookies, take them out of the package, put on plate and take in! You don’t have to put more pressure to bake.  Create more ease in your life during the holidays.  Instead of seeing and comparing to others, say to yourself whatever you are doing is enough.

We are moving Dec. 20th, five days before Christmas.  I had a 4 foot table top tree and told Tyler we could decorate it together instead of the big tree because we are moving.  As soon as we started decorating it, he was giggling and excited. It was fun and we were doing something together and in celebration of the season.  I assured him Santa will still come without the big tree and the magic was able to bubble up again.  Told him stories about making the garland with popcorn growing up and it reminded me that children don’t need these big extravagant things to create beautiful, magical traditions.  Go easy on yourself.  You do not have to be perfect!  Even if you did it all in the past years, see where you can step back and lighten up a bit and find a way to celebrate and appreciate the season with the people we love. That is what we remember.  That’s what makes us and others feel good.  Have fun with the season!

I’ve been there, we’ve all been there.  We see on social medial everyone’s pictures.  They are posting the outward picture of what they want people to see. Nobody is going through life without contrast. There is no such thing as a life without contrast.  Never think someone’s image is as perfect as it seems. You are not seeing the behind the scenes in their lives.  Everyone faces challenges, it is part of the human experience.  Celebrate coming together human to human, loved one to loved one.  See if you can find places that aren’t so filled with the stress of getting things done. Instead let them be filled with the presence of your loved ones.  I thought this year I was going to decorate the house with lights, etc.  Instead I have a 4 foot tree and one little decorative hanger that says “Bring on the Joy”.  I’m going to put that on the front gate and check the box. Done!  I feel good about that. I want to get down to what the season is really about!

Remember the only one who can create boundaries is you.  The only one who can say no is you.  You have to be the guardian of your own energy. It is up to you to make the decisions for you and those that you nurture to ensure this season is filled with celebration and love.  As opposed to stress, love and wishing it were different.  You are enough!  Everything you are doing is enough!  Whether or not you have a tree or bake cookies Is okay.  It’s not what this time of year is about.  Enjoy what this time of year is about!  Hug your loves ones tight.  Laugh with them! Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Find those moments of togetherness and soak them in. those are the things you will remember.  Lighten your load.  Think of the things that would be fun not stressful.  Enjoy!





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