How To Make A Difference In This World

Sep 18, 2018

When we were at the Inspired Life Event recently, I was able to have some wonderful conversations with our friend and teacher, Robert Holden. At one point during the day on Saturday, my friend, Michelle, who is an amazing photographer and videographer, had let me know she wanted to get a minute or two of Robert and me talking on camera. She said, ‘just plan to ask him a question and I’ll capture the answer on video so we can share it with others.’ Robert was kind enough to step in front of the MADA banner as well as Michelle’s camera...and it was time to ask the question.

I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to ask. How did you get into the study of happiness? What has your recent experience been like going through a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training(yes, he did this!)? How do you find balance with your family and your work of spreading love around the world? Gosh, there were so many things I wanted to ask. So much I’d love to know from Robert’s wise perspective. But, in the moment, it all of the sudden came to me. You see, mine and Dave’s journey has been about building the foundation for the Make A Difference Academy. Why? Because we’re passionate about making a difference and supporting others in doing the same! So, I decided that what I really wanted to know in that moment was what it meant to Robert to make a difference in this world? His answer was brief yet powerful…and I’m sharing it with you here:

 Sending you much love,


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