Move Into Your Big Life

Jan 18, 2019

What I've learned along the way throughout many years of being led by my inner control freak is that if you're content with living life small - sure, you may find you have a pretty good chance of being in control much of the time. You can use your effort, your action and your sheer determination to get things done…to make things happen.

BUT, if you want to live a BIG life - the life you're actually meant to live - you may find that you need to learn to let go a little bit…maybe even a lot. You see, the more you move in the direction of being bold and courageous enough to follow your heart…of being who you really are…the more you must let go of feeling like you need to control every situation, condition and outcome. But there’s good news…

When you can let go of that control, you let go of resistance and you open yourself up to realizing that you can tune into a powerful source within. This means you can rely on something much greater than yourself alone. The universe has your back. It's just waiting for you to line up with who you really, ready to receive all you’ve been asking for…all your heart’s desires.

Below is a quick clip for whenever you need a reminder that you came here to live in the fullness of who you are so you can enjoy this life in all the fullness it has to offer you.

Now is the time. Today is the today. Trust and know that you and your dreams are supported.

You CAN move into the BIG life of your dreams!

 Sending you much love,



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