New Year, New You NO WAY!

Jan 18, 2020

Every year this time of year, we see the promotions for personal training programs, massage therapists, etc.  The concept of New Year, New You.  I disagree with this whole concept.  I understand retailers use it as a promotional tagline to generate business and others use it for the best of intentions to help people live the best life.  I’m not hating on anyone using that phrase, I just want to challenge it. 

The whole concept of needing a new you is ludicrous!  The last thing in the world you need, or that the world needs from you, is for you to be a different person or a different you.  Transformation is another word used often.  My belief is that you do not need to transform yourself.  Do we need to transform our experience?  Perhaps.  Do we need to transform our perspective?  Often. Do we need to transform our beliefs that are potentially holding us back?  Absolutely. But, you don’t need to transform or change who you are. 

What the world needs, (and what you need to find the joy that you came into this life to live), is to become more of who you really are. So, it isn’t about New Year, New You.  Toss that out the window.  Unveil more of who you really are!  Living the inspired life is about tuning into what is already there and letting it come out. My invitation instead of New Year, New You…is it’s a year for more YOU!


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