What’s Your REAL Goal?

Mar 18, 2019

With over 17 years of experience in the “corporate world”, I know all too well what it means to “set a goal” in life. You, of course, first want to make sure it’s “S.M.A.R.T.” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant & Time-bound). Then you must create your list of objectives that will help you ultimately realize your goal.  And, don’t forget to create the list of tasks that must be completed to be able to knock down each objective. It’s EXHAUSTING!

I’d like to boldly suggest something…

For every goal you have ever set for yourself, you have done so for one reason and one reason only – because you believed that you would be happier you achieved it.

Think about it. Whether it be the job, the relationship, the house, the money in your bank, etc - it matters to you because you believe you’ll experience happiness at a greater level as it becomes a reality.

One more bold suggestion…

If the REAL goal is happiness, why not choose to be happy…now? And if you’re thinking, “I’m happy…but that new car would just make me happier!”…then, my challenge for you is, choose to be happier…now.

You see, happiness is not something you get from your life. It’s something you bring to your life. It lives within you, fully accessible at any time, in any moment. This isn’t to say there isn’t real contrast in life, real challenges to overcome…even real tragedy. But, when you choose to be happy, from the inside out, you can find and feel as sense of peace and contentment from within even among the contrast.

Happiness is indeed a choice. It’s actually a series of choices all day long as we choose how to show up for ourselves and what perspective through which to experience our lives.

One of my favorite quotes is from our friend and teacher, Robert Holden, “Every morning you wake up, you get to decide what you’re going to say – Good Morning God! Or Good God, Morning.’”

So, there’s nothing at all wrong with setting goals and envisioning the things in life you want. It can be incredibly inspiring and make us eager to jump out of bed and take action in our lives. Just don’t put your happiness on hold for even a moment thinking you NEED anythingoutside of yourself to be ecstatically happy in your present moment.

Here’s a quick video for whenever you need to be reminded of what your REAL goal is.


Sending you much love,




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